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Can Our Self-conscious Minds Save Us From Our Selfish Selves?
Like all living things, humans are organisms, biological entities that func­tion as physiological aggregates whose constituent parts operate with a high degree of cooperation and a low degree of conflict. But unlike other organ­isms, humans possess a
Aeon Magazine4 min readPolitics
Protest Is Not Enough To Topple A Dictator: The Army Must Also Turn
What does it take to overthrow a dictator? Reflecting on this question in exile, Leon Trotsky wrote in History of the Russian Revolution (1930): However solitary the power of an authoritarian leader might seem, dictators never rule alone. When enforc
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Being And Drunkenness: How To Party Like An Existentialist
Existentialism has a reputation for being angst-ridden and gloomy mostly because of its emphasis on pondering the meaninglessness of existence, but two of the best-known existentialists knew how to have fun in the face of absurdity. Simone de Beauvoi