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How Time Stopped Circling And Percolating And Started Running On Tracks
Reflecting on Albrecht Altdorfer’s painting Alexanderschlacht (1529), or The Battle of Alexander at Issus, the German historian Reinhart Koselleck wrote that, for medieval Europe, time was marked by ‘expectations’ and thus the painting was filled wit
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My Autism Journey: How I Learned To Stop Trying To Fit In
My name is Eloise and I am many things at once: I am a graduate student at the University of Oxford; I am a tutor, a rower, a feminist, a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a stepsister, a friend. I am also autistic. I was diagnosed several years a
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Do We Possess Our Possessions Or Do They Possess Us?
In 1859, around 450 passengers on the Royal Charter, returning from the Australian goldmines to Liverpool, drowned when the steam clipper was shipwrecked off the north coast of Wales. What makes this tragic loss of life remarkable among countless oth