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Aeon Magazine5 min readPolitics
The Jokes Always Saved Us: Humour In The Time Of Stalin
Stalinism. The word conjures dozens of associations, and ‘funny’ isn’t usually one of them. The ‘S-word’ is now synonymous with brutal and all-encompassing state control that left no room for laughter or any form of dissent. And yet, countless diarie
Aeon Magazine5 min readPsychology
Why Learning A New Language Is Like An Illicit Love Affair
Learning a new language is a lot like entering a new relationship. Some will become fast friends. Others will hook their arms with calculus formulas and final-exam-worthy historical dates, and march right out of your memory on the last day of school.
Aeon Magazine5 min readSelf-Improvement
The Happy Emotions Are Not Necessarily What They Appear
‘Be happy!’ Mary Wollstonecraft exhorted her estranged lover and tormentor, Gilbert Imlay, in late 1795. What did she mean? It had been only days since she had been fished from the Thames, having failed in a bid to drown herself. Scorned, shamed and