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Einstein’s Lost Hypothesis: Is a third-act twist to nuclear energy at hand?
When Ernest Sternglass walked up the steps at 112 Mercer Street in April 1947, he knew it would not be a normal day. Like a church deacon summoned to meet the Pope, Sternglass—a 23-year-old researcher at the Naval Ordnance Laboratory in Washington, D
Nautilus5 min read
Welcome Back, Animals!: It’s time to consider how we can have more animals in our daily lives in the city.
The shelter-in-place orders and the massive drop in human activity in our cities, designed to slow the spread of COVID-19, have given us surprising and unexpected sightings of wildlife species across cities around the world. But beyond general awe—an
Nautilus5 min readSociety
A Window on Africa’s Resilience: Amid one disaster after another, Mozambique rebuilds.
We called Greg Carr the other day to talk about the spread of the coronavirus in Africa. Carr, who has been featured in Nautilus, is the founder of the Gorongosa Restoration Project, a partnership with the Mozambique government to revive Gorongosa Na