Crimes, cover-ups and competition

SMASH HIT Yokoyama’s sixth novel, Six Four, is his first to be translated into English

TWO MYSTERIES ARE AT THE HEART of Hideo Yokoyama’s Six Four: the 14-year-old cold case of a young girl’s murder and the recent disappearance of protagonist Yoshinobu Mikami’s teenage daughter. Yet most

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Privilege Takes Center Stage
STRAIGHT WHITE MEN IS DISTINGUISHED BY SEVERAL notable firsts. It’s the first Broadway play written by an Asian-American woman. (What took so long?) It’s heartthrob Armie Hammer’s Broadway debut. (More please.) And it likely marks the first appearanc
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Hollywood South
WHEN THE WALKING DEAD STARTED FILMING in Senoia, Ga., in 2011, six stores were open in the 4,000-person town. “It was dying,” says Lee Thomas, deputy commissioner of the Georgia film office. That’s exactly what AMC wanted. In fact, the creators of th
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Losing Reporters Where It Matters Most
THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS WAS CUT IN HALF BY something called a Tronc. That sounds like the sort of thing you’d find in a tabloid, and there it was in the July 23 edition of “New York’s Hometown Newspaper” on page 2: “News cuts staff. Half laid off in