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How to not die in a blizzard

The one simple trick? Stay inside.
Snowy city street

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Snow days still make everyone feel like a little kid again—just remember how many ways you can die out there. That's what being an adult is all about.

There’s something about the deep, soft snow that makes the whole world feel quiet. Technically that something is all the tiny holes in snow drifts that absorb sound, but poetically it’s that everyone comes to a standstill. Schools close, offices empty, and we all huddle inside to watch the flakes float down.

Well...not quite all of us. Because inevitably, some people leave their homes. And this is the single biggest mistake you can make during a blizzard. The best way not to die in a snowstorm is to stay inside. In 2015, 20 people died in winter weather—and sure, that’s not very many. Far more people die in their bathtubs (453 people, in case you were wondering). But dying in a snowstorm is totally preventable: just stay inside. Here’s all the ways you’re likely to die in a blizzard (oh yeah, and also how to avoid them):

A heart attack while shoveling snow

Let’s get this one out of

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