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China's Marine Corps is getting bigger and stronger

A reorganization and expansion brings the program from 20,000 to 100,000 Marines.
China Marines PLANMC



Chinese Marines, seen in this February 2014 photo at winter training in Inner Mongolia, are traditionally a lightly mechanized elite infantry force. China's recent expansion move, however, will likely coincide with a shift toward more heavy weaponry and missions in intensive conventional warfare.

The People's Liberation Army Navy Marine Corps is in the midst of a massive reorganization and build out that will greatly enhance China's ability to project power abroad.

ZTD-05 amphibious fast tank

Chinese Ministry of Defense

Swimming Tank

The ZTD-05, the light tank variant of the ZBD-05 armored vehicle, has a 105mm cannon in a wielded turret to provide fire support against enemy armor when storming beaches. The ZDB-05 and ZTD-05 can extend the hydroplane, as seen in the picture, from the lower front hull. These vehicles can also

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