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Divine Alchemy | A Journey to My Authentic Self

Journey to my authentic self, your authentic self, by Anastasia Konoian

Artwork by Lori Anne McMahon

Your authentic self, and true freedom, derives from within, detached from external answers or validation


The time has come to realize that I am no longer unequipped.

The time has come to embrace the power I possess.

No longer do I need to look outside of myself for answers that are so clearly found within. Consciously softening myself and allowing my soul to speak. The idea that I NEED anyone is false. The ability to see my friends’ and family’s perspective can be helpful as an empath, but not a beneficial part of my healing and growth. It only confuses things for me.

Sometimes I wonder why there is a feeling like something is missing from my life. I guess it’s because parts of me kind of shut down. Not in a dysfunctional way,

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