Goats Are Rescued On Their Way To Being Sacrificed In Jerusalem

This Passover, some Israeli Jews hoped to perform a ritual (and illegal) sacrifice of goats on the Temple Mount. Then the police stepped in.
The goat that was almost sacrificed — but rescued at the last minute — by an Israeli official. Source: Courtesy Israeli Police

For the last ten years, on the eve of Passover, the Federman family has loaded a young male goat into their car and driven from their farm in a West Bank Jewish community to the Old City of Jerusalem, where they hoped to slaughter the animal in the ritual sacrifice prescribed in the Bible.

The family is not alone in its mission. The number of Israeli Jews approaching Jerusalem with goats prepared for sacrifice has been growing in recent years, according to the Federmans.

"Thank God, more people are trying to carry out this commandment," said Elisheva Federman, who has a herd of about 15 goats. Whenever a male goat is born, she does not vaccinate or brand it because

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