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Some of Ghana's Media Houses Are Social Media Stars, While Others Take a Pass

The 1st Quarter Social Media Index report for 2017, released by the non-profit organisation Penplusbytes, surveys the use of social media by newspapers, TV stations and radio stations.

A screenshot of a figure showing 10 most followed radio stations on Facebook.

Penplusbytes has released its 1st Quarter Social Media Index report for 2017, which reviews the outlook and performance of newspapers, radio and TV stations in Ghana based on their presence, followers and likes on Facebook and Twitter.

To compile the index, the organisation says it conducts a survey of 60 newspapers, 350 registered radio stations and 34 TV stations. The report shows that Facebook is the most popular social media platform among media houses in Ghana than Twitter.

Penplusbytes is a non-profit organisation promoting effective governance using technology in Africa. The organisation released its first Social Media Index report on Ghana’s print, radio and television media houses in 2016.


The report reveals that only 68 (19.4%) of the 350 radio stations own and run Facebook accounts. Joy FM, one of Ghana's most influential media houses, is the most followed Ghanaian radio station on Facebook with over 1,008,733 likes, followed by Citi FM with 999,388 likes.

Twenty-three (67%) TV stations out of 34 have Facebook accounts, with U TV Ghana leading with 706,095 likes.

The report shows that 19 (31%) out of 60 newspapers in Ghana are on Facebook. However, some of these pages show no updates or interaction in as long as three years. The Daily Graphic, the most read newspaper in Ghana, leads with 846,449 followers, followed by 90 Minutes Sports in second with 131,778 page likes.


The study found about 55 (16%) Ghanaian radio stations with Twitter handles. Joy FM leads on Twitter with 640,984 followers, followed by Citi FM with 541,150 followers.

There are 20 (57%) TV stations on Twitter. GH One TV station leads on Twitter with 289,567 followers, then Viasat 1 (Kwese) TV with 140,353 followers.

Only 13 (21.7%) out of 60 newspapers are on Twitter. The Daily Guide newspaper has 13,596 followers while The Daily Graphic comes second with 11,497 followers.

The Social Media Index states that:

This report reveals notably impressive performances by media entities such as Joy FM, Citi FM, Starr FM and ATL FM who, without any surprise, have some of their accounts verified. They represent a small percentage of best managed pages that are easily identified as official on social media with up-to-the-minute post updates and interaction with audience.

The reverse of this is also the general lack interest by many other news media with poorly managed handles that are difficult to identify as official accounts. Most of these traditional media have multiple pages created in their names with some appearing to have been last updated as far back as 2013 as found with a 2nd Ghanaian Times newspaper page on Twitter (@GhanaianTimes).

You can download the full report here.

Originally published in Global Voices.

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