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NPR3 min readTech
2020 Political Campaigns Are Trying To Avoid A 2016-Style Hack
Four years after Russians hacked the Clinton campaign's emails, political candidates are scrambling to beef up their defenses against cyberattacks. Many politicians haven't updated their security.
NPR3 min readFashion & Beauty
Meet The Designer Who Makes 'Mrs. Maisel' Look So Marvelous
Donna Zakowska has already won two Emmys for her work on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel -- and two of her costumes are in the Smithsonian. Now, she's up for an award from the Costume Designers Guild.
NPR4 min read
The Erie Canal As A Model Of How To Build Big Projects Again
Editor's note: This is an excerpt of Planet Money's newsletter. You can sign up here. In 1809, representatives from the state of New York traveled to the nation's capital to meet with President Thomas Jefferson. They wanted money for a 363-mile cana