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Simple Amazon Kindle tricks that'll optimize your e-reading

More battery life, better syncing, and more.
Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Your Kindle has more to offer than you might think.


The Amazon Kindle is the most popular and most recognizable ereader in the world. If you've joined the Kindle club, these tips and tricks will help you make the most of your device.

Sync your reading everywhere you go

Sync your reading everywhere you go

If you've bought yourself a proper Amazon Kindle then you may have ignored the various apps you can get for phones and computers. That's a bad call.

Get the free Kindle apps installed on your computer or phone, sign in with your Amazon account, and all your ebooks appear almost instantly. Even better, your reading position gets synced across all these devices, including your actual Kindle.

Admittedly the best experience is still going to be on your main ereader, but

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