Is the U.S. still a magnet for immigrant scientists?

"So there's me as a scientist, but there's also me as an immigrant," says professor Raphael Valdivia. In this podcast, he asks if the US still welcomes him.

The United States has long been a magnet for scientists from all over the world. Scientist Raphael Valdivia, who came to the United States from Peru, now wonders if that legacy is at risk.

He discusses this concern in an installment of Duke University’s “Glad You Asked” podcast, in which campus experts pose questions to the president and describe why that question matters.

Hear the podcast:

“So there’s me as a scientist, but there’s also me as an immigrant,” says Valdivia, a professor of molecular genetics and microbiology in the School of Medicine and vice dean for basic science at the university.

“Many of the scientists in the United States actually were born abroad,” he continues, “and they came here really looking for opportunities and to tap onto this excitement about discovery and knowledge.

“The US is the magnet, you know, we come here because we know the possibilities. We bought into the dream.”

A transcript of the full episode is available here.

Source: Duke University

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