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Hillary Clinton’s Wellesley Homecoming

Returning to her alma mater to celebrate the class of 2017, she acknowledged her defeat—and offered a vision for the next generation of women leaders.
Source: Brian Snyder / Reuters

On Friday morning, along with the families of graduating seniors, hundreds of Wellesley College alumnae flocked to the school’s suburban Massachusetts campus in order to see Hillary Clinton, class of 1969, take the stage. Local alum groups hosted watch parties, starting early on the West Coast, and thousands of alums across the country live-streamed the event at their desks (myself included).

Long before some Americans took comfort in Clinton spottings in the woods, Wellesley alums have been known to track her spottings on campus, including her reunion visit in 2014, when her 2016 presidential bid was still just a rumor, and more recently at a private event in March when she spoke with students about activism and organizing.

On November 8, many thought Hillary Clinton’s victory was assured. For the Wellesley community

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