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If in doubt, add an egg. The 10 cooking tips everyone should know | Felicity Cloake

Great chefs disregard the oven dial and never apologise. This holiday weekend quickly brush up your culinary skills, with these five-minute hints
‘There’s a good reason #eggporn is permanently trending on social media.’ Photograph: Vladislav Nosick/Getty Images/Flickr State

The vaguely illicit thrill of days like today, the delicious guilt of a Monday morning free from screaming alarms and awful commutes, leads many of us to overcompensate by making the bank holiday an opportunity for personal admin – the chance to finally put up those pictures, weed the garden or go for a much-needed run. All of these, it must be admitted, are worthy activities deserving of commendation. They’re also a shameful waste of a precious day off.

Assuage your conscience by honing your culinary skills instead – at least that way you can enjoy the fruits of your labours with a large glass of wine, which is certainly not something that can

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