LOL At EMPs? Science Report Tackles Likelihood Of A North Korea Nuclear Capability

The analysis was solid, but a laugh obscured the point.
Source: Volker Möhrke

An April 27 Morning Edition report by Geoff Brumfiel, an NPR science editor, ran just a scant 2 ½ minutes, but it prompted an outsized outpouring of emails.

The emails (some from organized campaigns, including this one) continue to arrive, which is why I am addressing this so long after the fact. But at a time when many listeners worry about "false equivalence" — wishy-washy "on the one hand, on the other hand" reporting — I also think this report illustrates what NPR, and its listeners, should expect of its newsroom staff: solid research and considered reporting that attempts to filter out the noisy debate over hot-button issues and add some facts to the conversation.

Brumfiel's NPR piece assessed whether North Korea had the capability to detonate a nuclear weapon from

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