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E3 2017: A casual gamer's guide to all the cool new video game stuff

An updating list of what's coming out of the massive gaming trade show.

Every year, the video game industry descends upon California for E3, a trade show dedicated to all the new stuff happening--or about to happen--in gaming. Die-hard gamers can spend almost the entire week dissecting the coverage and analyzing the announcements. Some of us, however, are simply "casuals" who just want to know about the cool stuff coming down the pipe. We will update this page as cool new stuff is announced, so stay tuned here! [Note: Some of these games are rated M and are only meant for mature audiences.]


Xbox One X

Xbox One X

The new Xbox One X has a small form factor, an awkward name, and heaps of processing power.


Microsoft has been teasing its new Project Scorpio Xbox for months, but it's finally real, and it's called the Xbox One X. Awkward name aside, the new $499 machine is crammed full of enough computing power to run some 4K games at 60 fps. It also has a liquid-cooled vapor chamber to keep it from overheating.

To really get

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