Why Honeybees Are The Wrong Problem To Solve

We must come to understand how to design our interactions with the rest of the world to ensure that everyone and everything thrives: It's much bigger than honeybees, says blogger Adam Frank.
A rendering of Pollinator Pathways across the U.S. Source: Courtesy Ian Webster

A lot of people think of Sarah Bergmann as the "Honeybee Lady" — and that really annoys her.

It's an attribution that might make sense at first glance, given that Bergmann is the celebrated creator of what's called the Pollinator Pathway project. So, pollinators, honeybees — what's the problem?

Well, spend a little time with Bergmann and you'll see that the issue she's trying to address with the Pollinator Pathway is way bigger than honeybees and their current Colony Collapse Disorder troubles. In fact, for Bergmann, the honeybees are actually part of a much bigger problem she's trying to solve. And that much bigger problem is nothing less than how to design the planet in a human-dominated age.

The basic

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