How Autonomous Cars Will Transform Everyday Life

What will become of parking lots? Gas stations? Traffic signals? Society stands to look much different in just a few decades.
A couple kiss inside a parked car in Central Italy on early May 30, 2004.

Meat Loaf’s classic song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” will soon seem downright prehistoric—a tune from back when people had to sneak sex in parked cars. In the age of autonomous vehicles, experts are worried that we’ll be having all kinds of sex in moving cars. Randy teens might order a driverless Uber SUV with tinted windows for a spin around town. An office worker could take full advantage of the long morning commute with the spouse—or with the neighbor’s spouse. We can only hope Daimler-AG anticipated this development when in 2014 it registered a trademark for a driverless auto service it calls—kid you not—Car2come. (Perhaps they should’ve had a native English speaker in the room at the time?)

Car culture is whooshing toward what tech legend Andy

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