'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Finds Its Footing With A Less Confident Spidey

Spider-Man: Homecoming may be the sixth big-screen, big-budget Spider-Man movie of the 21st century, but a charming lead and a respect for the character's youth could give the franchise new, um, legs.
Tom Holland stars as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Source: Chuck Zlotnick

At last: A Spider-Man movie!

...says no one. The new Spider-Man: Homecoming, which celebrates Peter Parker's immigration to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a headliner after his scene-stealing appearance in Captain America: Civil War last year, is, according to the most recent data available, the sixth big-screen Spidey flick since 2002. Who needs another?

Well, if they're going to be as fizzy and funny and warmhearted as this, keep 'em coming.

A half-dozen features in 15 years isn't an especially Spider Sense-stimulating tally, especially for a blue chip specimen of IP like 'ol Web-Head, the most singular and beloved of all Marvel Comics heroes. [Ed. note: Send your angry e-mails to the reviewer, care of The Department Of

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