Beyoncé Has A Plan To Help Burundi, But Key Details Are Fuzzy

After a yearlong absence from Twitter, Beyoncé announced a partnership between her charitable foundation and UNICEF to bring clean, safe water to the children of Burundi.
Beyonce, pictured at the Grammy awards in February, returned to Twitter after a year's absence to announce a new philanthropic venture. / Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Last week, Beyonce broke a year-long hiatus from tweeting by announcing a new initiative, BeyGood4Burundi — a partnership between her charitable foundation and UNICEF.

"Mothers in Burundi want to provide clean, safe water for their children. Let's help them, together," she wrote on June 30.

That single tweet raises some critical questions that often come up when a celebrity chooses to throw their star power behind a cause. Unfortunately, only some of them seem to have answers. Among the questions: How strong is her connection to Burundi? How much money is she giving? And is this effort promoting her own brand as

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