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Despite Their Dangers, Pro-anorexia Forums Have Much To Teach Us
In recent years, a cultural movement has emerged online that takes a positive attitude toward eating disorders. So-called pro-anorexia (or, more commonly, ‘pro-ana’) organisations differ widely. Whereas the majority claim to provide a non-judgmental
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The Meaning To Life? A Darwinian Existentialist Has His Answers
I was raised as a Quaker, but around the age of 20 my faith faded. It would be easiest to say that this was because I took up philosophy – my lifelong occupation as a teacher and scholar. This is not true. More accurately, I joke that having had one
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Do We Possess Our Possessions Or Do They Possess Us?
In 1859, around 450 passengers on the Royal Charter, returning from the Australian goldmines to Liverpool, drowned when the steam clipper was shipwrecked off the north coast of Wales. What makes this tragic loss of life remarkable among countless oth