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The Queen has hit the jackpot again. But why does she need so much money? | David McClure

Revenue from her estate has doubled in a decade – to nearly £20m. Now is the time for her to disclose fully what she spends it all on• David McClure is author of the financial investigation Royal Legacy
The Queen and Prince Philip with their children Charles, Andrew, Anne and Edward. ‘Almost certainly the Queen’s Lancaster hotpot is used to feed her hungry brood of children.’ Photograph: AFP/Getty

When queens grow old, a blind eye is turned to their personal finances. Such was the case with the Queen Mother, whose extravagant expenditure on racing and entertaining in her 90s was indulged with barely a murmur. Similarly no one seems the least perturbed about how our nonagenarian Queen is spending the extra millions that have recently swelled her privy purse.

Without fanfare it was disclosed on Tuesday that Her Majesty had hit the jackpot, in 2016-17, up

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