In Poland, Effort To Take Control Of The Courts Inspires Protests

The ruling Law and Justice party has already tipped Poland's system of checks and balances. A new effort has sent protesters to the streets and prompted warnings of possible EU sanctions.
Protesters raise candles during a protest in front of the presidential palace in Warsaw on Tuesday, as they urge the Polish president to reject a bill giving the ruling party more control over the judiciary system. President Andrzej Duda made a surprise compromise bid over controversial court reforms, as protesters took to the streets. / ADAM CHELSTOWSKI / Getty Images

As Poland's ruling party moves to take control of the country's high court, protesters are taking to the streets and European Union officials are warning of the possibility of sanctions.

There is fear, both within and outside of Poland, that a proposed measure would upend an already-weakened system of checks and balances.

The Law and Justice party is conservative, populist, Euro-skeptic and nationalist. Under the leadership of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who to make it far harder for the Constitutional Tribunal to reject laws as unconstitutional. (The tribunal ... but the government, citing the new law, overruled the judges).

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