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“I am frequently asked ‘what country are you from’ (I grew up in Brooklyn). I’ve been questioned about whether I really went to Harvard (I did) or how I got in (I applied)” ——Edith Cooper, head of human capital management at Goldman Sachs

Black bankers are underrepresented among executives. And at some companies, the numbers are getting worse

Last year, Morgan Stanley held a company conversation on race in New York. Speaking on the panel was Mandell Crawley, now head of private wealth management at the bank, who recalled that when he worked on sales and trading desks, he was often the only African American. He told a story about traders expressing frustration by smashing phones.

“In my early years I wouldn’t dare do that for fear of a long-held stereotype of the angry black man. And being 6-foot-5 doesn’t help,” said Crawley. “Now, it’s important to note I got over it, I’ve left many broken phones in my wake. But the reality is when people come here and you

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