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Cheers! Drinking’s good for us again – but can the medical hype be trusted? | Simon Jenkins

Blind faith in scientific health claims – and headlines – can be dangerous, especially given the growing menace of online self-diagnosis• Simon Jenkins is a Guardian columnist
Seven pints of beer, or a bottle and a half of wine, can dramatically cut chances of getting type 2 diabetes, Danish scientists claim. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

That’s OK then. A pint a day keeps the doctor away. A pint of beer, that is. Yes, it used to be a pint of milk, but that was before milk was bad for you. Go to work on an egg was the. Seven pints of beer, or a bottle and a half of wine, dramatically cut whether you get type 2 diabetes. It’s official. Danish scientists say so, and who are we to quarrel?

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