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Flooding is extensive in Houston, with more to come

HOUSTON _ People across southeastern Texas sought shelter Sunday as Tropical Storm Harvey continued to drench the state, dropping up to 24 inches on Houston in 24 hours and prompting emergency rescues from flooded highways and apartments.

At least five people were reported dead, according to the National Weather Service in Houston, and authorities expect that number to climb as flood waters recede.

With some areas bracing for as much as 40 inches of rain _ about the amount of rainfall many Texas coastal towns get in a year _ the National Weather Service warned that "catastrophic" flooding in the Houston area was expected to worsen and could become "historic."

"Local rainfall amounts of 50 inches would exceed any previous Texas rainfall record," the Weather Service said in a statement. "The breadth and intensity of this rainfall are beyond anything experienced before."

Mayor Sylvester Turner said the city's police and fire departments had received more than 2,000 calls for rescues

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