Poverty has moved from cities to the suburbs in U.S.

In his new book, expert Scott W. Allard talks about the changing geography of poverty in recent years.

A new book depicts poverty’s move to American suburbs, explains how this shift occurred over the last 25 years, and discusses how public policy must be geared toward helping people in poverty in the suburbs without neglecting the urban poor.

Scott W. Allard is a professor in the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance at the University of Washington. In his new book, Places in Need: The Changing Geography of Poverty (Russell Sage Foundation, 2017), Allard discusses the modern reality of American poverty and how it has changed.

Scott Allard notes poverty’s changing landscape in ‘Places in …

University of Washington's Scott W. Allard on the shifting geography of poverty: It is important to find ways to cultivate a new generation of local leaders capable of tackling poverty challenges in suburbs. Read more: https://goo.gl/SLVWn2

Posted by University of Washington News on Monday, August 28, 2017

One reviewer writes that, in addition to “innovative economic analysis,” the book also “represents a deeply moral call to update our thinking about vulnerable people across America and rethink outdated assumptions about how to assist them.”

Here, Allard answers a few questions about his work:

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