Four years after walking away from the controversial religion, the actress opens up about how she’s moving on with the help of family and friends—and why she’ll never stop fighting back against the church she claims wants to silence her

Leah Remini’s daughter Sofia is 13—the age Remini was when her own life changed forever. It’s a fact Remini thinks about often. “When I was her age, thinking about what I was doing—she’s very lucky,” says the King of Queens star, who was an eighth grader when her family moved to Clearwater, Fla., to join Sea Org, Scientology’s clergy-like order for its most dedicated members. “She doesn’t know what it means to get up and start working from 7 in the morning to 10 at night with virtually no schooling. It’s very difficult to hear your child say ‘I hate my school’ when things get rough. I’m like, ‘I wish I had a school.’”

Remini, 47, left the Church of Scientology four years ago—and has since become one of its most vocal critics. (The church has denounced her as a liar and publicity seeker and said her account of

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