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Being And Drunkenness: How To Party Like An Existentialist
Existentialism has a reputation for being angst-ridden and gloomy mostly because of its emphasis on pondering the meaninglessness of existence, but two of the best-known existentialists knew how to have fun in the face of absurdity. Simone de Beauvoi
Aeon Magazine5 min readSelf-Improvement
Why Speaking To Yourself In The Third Person Makes You Wiser
We credit Socrates with the insight that ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’ and that to ‘know thyself’ is the path to true wisdom. But is there a right and a wrong way to go about such self-reflection?  Simple rumination – the process of churn
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Protest Is Not Enough To Topple A Dictator: The Army Must Also Turn
What does it take to overthrow a dictator? Reflecting on this question in exile, Leon Trotsky wrote in History of the Russian Revolution (1930): However solitary the power of an authoritarian leader might seem, dictators never rule alone. When enforc