The Heat Is On: How Drybar Continues to Blow Past Its Competition

When Alli Webb launched Drybar in 2010, she invented a new industry -- and now the competition is heating up.
Source: Cameron Webb | Drybar
Cameron Webb | Drybar

In 2008, after five years as a stay-at-home mom, hairstylist Alli Webb was ready for some grown-up time. She started from home to home in Los Angeles, providing affordable blowouts (that’s a wash, a dry and a style, gentlemen) to other moms who, like her, were eager for a small break from nonstop responsibilities. Nearly a decade later, Webb’s brainchild has grown into , a blowouts-only salon chain beloved by women across the country. The bar-themed business -- styles offered include the Cosmo (loose curls) and the Mai Tai (beachy waves) -- is chic and girly, and serves up as many mimosas as hairstyles in a given day. As the business prepares to open its 100th location and eyes , Webb is the first to admit that she and her co-founders -- who are also her husband and her brother -- are still learning as they

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