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Taylor Swift’s fans make the best online sleuths. What can they teach me about social media?

Many celebrity gossip devotees double as internet detectives, reading whole worlds into a ‘favourite’ or unfollow. There’s a lesson in that for all of us
Taylor Swift’s tech-savvy fans seem to know more about the singer than she does. Composite: Jonny Weeks for the Guardian

Taylor Swift’s fans seem to know what she’s up to before she does. How do they do it?

Ever since One Direction went their separate ways, splintering the once-laser focus of their enormous fanbase, the gold standard for internet sleuthing has been set by Taylor Swift’s squad of Swifties.

The woman behind one of her biggest fan accounts on Twitter, with followers of nearly six figures, once told me she had a “pretty good idea” of the pop star’s whereabouts

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