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Trump’s ironic North Korea threat, Two key reasons many Trump threats have fallen flat, White House chief of staff’s Mexico comments: ‘fake news’?, Follow Australia and Indonesia to tackle modern slavery, Sanitized Caribbean cruises: At what cost?

The Scotsman / Edinburgh, ScotlandTrump’s threat to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea is ironic

“There is an unmissable irony in Donald Trump ... addressing the United Nations, set-up after the Second world War to promote global peace and co-operation, with the bluntest of threats to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea,” states an editorial. “The only moot point is whether Trump intends to achieve that objective with ... conventional weapons,

The Globe and Mail / TorontoTwo key reasons many of Trump’s threats have fallen flatThe News / Mexico CityWere Mexico comments by White House chief of staff ‘fake news’?The Jakarta Post / Jakarta, IndonesiaFollow Australia and Indonesia to tackle modern slaveryThe Nassau Guardian / Nassau, BahamasSanitized Caribbean cruises: At what cost?

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