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Last week in tech: Alexa, tell me about all the gadget news I missed

New devices from Amazon, a rolling robot, and our shameful musical history.

"Help! I've been trapped inside this Echo Spot device and missed all of last week's big tech news!"


We’re hurtling toward the holiday shopping season, which means companies are putting the finishing touches on their gadgets and getting them ready for the impending crush of consumerism. This week, we met a bundle of new Alexa-based products from Amazon, and Spotify sent everyone on your friends list into a full-on nostalgia bender. Here’s what you might have missed last week.

Alexa party

Amazon gave the Echo smart speaker speaker, and a —which has bigger speakers and more advanced smart home controls. But wait, there’s more. The comes with a small, round screen and a camera for making video calls. There’s also a new to round out the offerings. All these devices start shipping soon and will be happy to help you spend more money on Amazon in the most convenient way possible.

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