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Let's watch Google announce the Pixel 2, the Home Mini, and other stuff

Spend your lunch break watching the Google livestream as the new products debut.
Google announcement

The replay of the live stream isn't up on YouTube at the moment, but read on to meet all of Google's new devices. Some of them are pink!


We're watching the Google announcement Livestream right now. Continue on for an updating stream of the new products and programs as they happen.

Early talks focus heavily on the work Google is doing in AI. It wants to make software more responsive and able to understand context like shifting the way it shows you a calendar. Reducing the number of features users have to think about sounds like a plus to me.

Getting stats out of the way early from Google's Rick Osterloh:

  • There are now 55 million Chromecasts around the world

  • Google Wifi is the number 1 mesh router in the US and Canada

  • Assistant has gotten 100 million new answers to questions in the past

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