Why Pediatricians Won't Talk to Patients About Guns

Firearms are a leading cause of death among children and doctors need to stop ignoring it, experts say.
About 36 percent of Americans own a gun.
09_14_gun_safety_pediatricians Source: Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images

We’re used to doctors asking about habits that may affect our health, from smoking to having sex. And that’s also true of the pediatricians who take care of our children by educating parents about how to minimize everyday health risks.

"Pediatricians are comfortable talking about seat belts and poisons and stuff because we all, just through living, have exposure to those things," , an. Other less widespread risks, like smoking, are discussed extensively in medical schools. "Firearms are different; firearms aren't an unmitigated hazard like smoking, and firearms have legitimate uses."

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