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Marvel drops Northrop Grumman tie-in after Comic Con fan rebellion

Attendees at New York fan gathering welcome decision to drop series featuring ‘Elite Nexus’ heroes branded for the maker of stealth bombers and drones
Comic Con attendees: Nick Greer, as Nick Fury, Jeffrey Strader, as Green Arrow, and Sydney Roper, as Black Canary, all came to New York from Connecticut. Photograph: Joanna Walters for the Guardian

The Marvel comic company dropped a partnership with the defense industry giant Northrop Grumman and canceled a launch event scheduled for New York Comic Con on Saturday, after plans for a special series featuring branded superheroes alongside the legendary Avengers characters met with fierce opposition.

Some fans had planned to protest at the Comic Con event, after Marvel announced via social media that it would launch the on the western side of Manhattan. On Saturday, many attendees welcomed the cancellations.

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