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The Last Jedi: Who Will Turn Dark?

The mysterious new Star Wars trailer hints at a new take on the saga’s eternal theme.
Source: Disney

“I need someone to show me my place in all this,” says Rey, the hero of the new Star Wars trilogy and the presumed good-guy heir to Luke Skywalker. A helping hand is extended to her—by Kylo Ren, the presumed bad-guy heir to Darth Vader.

So ends the latest trailer for , the eighth film of the main saga (not counting efforts like the spin-off from last year). Details about Rian Johnson’s sequel to 2015’s , J.J. Abrams and Disney’s record-smashing reboot of the franchise, have been , and the latest preview doesn’t fill in a whole lot of new plot information. It does throw the fandom some prime-cut daydreaming material and merchandise bait: hulking the craggiest glimpse yet at Supreme Leader Snoke, glimmering foxes, a . It also hints at some darkly tinged themes—including the prospect of shifting alliances.

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