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“Cher wanted all of her food pureed.”

An Odeon class reunion.

WHEN THE ODEON DEBUTED, in 1980, Tribeca was virtually desolate—but the artists who lived there, who would soon be emboldened by the Reagan-era boom times, quickly made it their home. The celebrities came soon after. We photographed 101 of the restaurant’s current and former employees, many of whom are themselves artists or actors.

Stephen Lyle

(No. 3) executive chef, 1989–96; currently a chef and consultant

One night, this crazy guy comes in off the street, clearly on something majorly powerful—probably angel dust—and there’s a full dining room. He goes behind the bar and starts taking bottles and throwing them into the dining room. Everyone freaks out; you’ve never seen more people duck at once. Except for Taylor Mead, a regular then. He was sitting at the bar with his cane, and he was completely unfazed by this. Taylor goes, “Young man, young man, you stop that!”

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