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Art and Biology: Ernst Haeckel’s Masterpieces

Ernst Haeckel, the turn-of-the-century biologist, naturalist, professor, and artist, was an ardent Darwinist, a denouncer of religious doctrine, and a writer of philosophical treatises. Hephylumstem cellecology

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Billy Collins
Either they just dieor they get sick and die of the sicknessor they get sick, recover, then die of something else,or they get sick, appear to recover,then die of the same thing,the sickness coming backto take another bite out of youin the forest of y
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G. C. Waldrep
I was reading a biography of Pugin. Architecturewas how Pugin avoided God.This much is evident. When he slipped out at nightto drift down to the water he was a smoke.He did not look up at the moon. We can be surethat any bargain he made was intention