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Kindle Oasis 7-inch review: tougher, smarter, and not for everyone

Amazon's first waterproof e-reader is ready for the beach and bathtub, but not your bed.
Kindle oasis Review

Don't try this with previous edition Kindles.

Joe Brown

The first book I read on an e-reader was Cryptonomicon, the Neal Stephenson epic. I kept falling asleep while reading the 931-page paper version, and it would hit me in the face. I read myself to sleep and that is what happens, but this massive tome would sometimes crack me in the face so hard that it would leave a mark.

So I picked up an e-reader, one of the early Sony models. From that moment, I was in love with the tech. Your opinion is your own, and I respect it. Now that I’ve said that, I will abuse this website and broadcast mine: e-readers are better than books. They make it easy to bring multiple volumes with you anywhere, and a backlit e-ink screen is

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