Marisa Anderson Won't Separate 'Amazing Grace' From Its Troubled History

The instrumental guitarist's Traditional And Public Domain Songs will be reissued Nov. 17, including two new tracks.
Marisa Anderson's Traditional And Public Domain Songs will be reissued Nov. 17. Source: Jason Quigley

doesn't just play guitar — she sinks into bends and lingers over melodies, knowing when to light a fire under her fingers and when to wind like a creek. In 2013, she caught my ear for the first time with a pair of records, and the functionally-titled The latter had long been out of print, its limited vinyl pressing only available to subscribers of a record club (and those of us who were lucky enough to nab one from Anderson herself). Mississippi Records, the Portland-based label and record store that released and , is now reissuing with different artwork and a couple new tracks.

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