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is estimated that 10 million Americans suffer from it. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is characterized by depression that occurs (and tends to recur yearly) during the fall and winter months as sunlight wanes. People with SAD may feel lethargic or irritable, sleep more than usual, or experience changes in appetite such as an increased craving for carbs. During the spring and summer months, the world looks brighter, literally and figuratively, and they begin to feel more optimistic and energetic. The disorder

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Cooking with Mushrooms
This easy Asian dish pairs shiitake mushrooms with barely-cooked bok choy and radishes for a fresh, summery side. Fresh or frozen noodles have the best texture; look for them in Asian markets or the freezer section in most large grocery stores. You c
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Gut Instincts
I recently read a statistic that stated upwards of 60 to 70 million Americans are affected by digestive diseases. Pause and read that number again. It seems staggering. So does this number: $100 billion a year. That’s how much digestive diseases and
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Rule Your System
❱❱ Supplement enzymes that improve digestion of foods you have difficulty with. Seek out these enzymes and consume small amounts of these foods to your tolerance, following the labeling instruction on these stand-alone or full-spectrum enzyme product