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Runner's World3 min read
The Inside Lane
HOW’S THE OLD saying go? You always remember your first tick? I still remember mine, 10 years ago. The little devil was buried deep into my right shin, halfway between my knee and ankle. I felt him before I saw him, my fingers immediately stopping on
Runner's World1 min read
Stinking Up The Test Zone
We couldn’t determine how well a shoe odor eliminator works without getting smelly. To replicate pungent running shoes consistently (and without risking exposure to harmful bacteria like staphylococcus), we found the answer in a cheese called Bavaria
Runner's World4 min read
It’s Time to Rally the Squad
The time is 2 a.m, and I’m running alone on a closed-down service road. The night is cool, but I still feel the Nevada desert heat radiating off the pavement. The only signs of life are the faint yellow and red blurs of infrequent traffic humming alo