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Meet the family guy who can crush your skull with his bare hands

Mountain gorillas have no interest in messing with you but that knowledge will not stop your heart from hammering when you troop up to meet Giraneza, the silverback, in his home in Rwanda's virunga Massif.

Giraneza is a dude, and I mean total dude, from Rwanda. He's a sex bomb 200 kg of solid muscle, gorgeous silver in his hair but a family guy, with several wives and babies who are his top priority. If you mess with his loved ones, he's capable of crushing your skull with his bare hands, but he's essentially peaceable, so he'll likely only scare the crap out of you. Being reclusive, he lives in the bush up a very steep mountain, eating a healthy vegetarian diet. It took an expensive flight, and an even more expensive permit, to visit him. He can be prickly with visitors, and we'd been given strict instructions for what to do if he didn't want to be visited.

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