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SLIDESHOW: 50 of the dumbest things in sports

From the Chicago Tribune, the list of all lists:. Does it get any dumber? 50 of the dumbest things in sports (ordered randomly for no good reason):

1. Cheerleaders at pro sports games. The whole idea of cheerleaders is way past its spoil-on date. Employing scantily clad women - often at ridiculously low wages - to serve as eye candy on the sidelines is indefensible and unnecessary.

2. Fighting in hockey. Some hockey purists - probably wearing "sweaters" - will tell you it is hockey culture and lets players self-enforce the game.Nonsense. Can you imagine another team sport where the refs stand by

and let two players slug it out - in the age of CTE, no less?

3. Stoppage time. Watching the clock wind down to 00:00 in a close game can be dramatic. But in professional soccer, the only person who knows exactly how much time is left is the center referee. What fun is that? No fun.

4. Baseball's unwritten rules. Don't bunt to break up a no-hitter. ... Don't discuss a no-hitter in progress. ... Don't admire your home runs. ... Don't step on the pitcher's

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