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This truly bizarre exploding star might be a zombie of sorts

It just keeps exploding.

I'm not dead yet!


One persistent tenet of poor science communication is the use of the word "baffled." Especially in the UK, where scientists are often called "boffins." just sounds too good to put in a headline, amiright? But it really grinds scientists' gears to see such a statement, because the field is rarely actually . isn't some set body of facts that can never be contradicted without total puzzlement; it's a method of inquiry by which we steadily accrue small increases in understanding. Findings are often controversial if they suggest a major paradigm shift might be around the bend; they're often at least mildly

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I-MIN LEE, EPIDEMIOLOGIST AT HARVARD UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH A few years ago, my workplace had a competition where we all got fitness trackers, formed teams, and raced to accumulate the most overall steps. Many people were taken aback when