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Get A Great New Look With Your Free Raw Presets
Raw files are a special kind of file format that come straight from the camera’s imaging chip, and are not subjected to any in-camera processing. In a JPEG, which is the other common file format cameras use, all the building blocks that make up an im
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Rival Cameras
£1,179/$1,499 The D750 is showing its age compared with the D780, but for regular stills photography, there’s not that much between them. Reviewed: issue 158 £1,479/$1,599 The Canon 6D Mark II is cheaper than the D780 and has a vari-angle screen, but
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Meet A Master Storyteller
Alec Soth Photographer Based in Minnesota, Alec has authored over 25 books including Sleeping by the Mississippi, NIAGARA and Songbook, and is a member of Magnum Photos. With notable works including Sleeping by