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Inside Knowledge
“Crazy Goal” p.38 I make sure to manage my time better, hydrate throughout the day, eat in a timely manner, and tape my feet before workouts. One busy day, I scarfed down food and water a couple of hours before running. When I started my workout, I i
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Running Again!
Running has always been my passion; more than that – my life. Since I was 15 years old, I’ve competed in 30 half marathons, ten marathons, and one ironman. With each race, I set and achieved several goals that included placing first several times in
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361 Degrees 361-sensation 4
PRICE: $135 TYPE: Road WEIGHT: 10.1 oz (M), 8.3 oz (W) DROP: 9 mm The 361-Sensation 4 is a simple but effective stability shoe. It’s simple because its midsole isn’t very thick and its EVA-rubber-blend foam doesn’t give you much rebound, so despite t