Eau Naturel

Dunas de un Cuerpo contains notes of amber, olibanum, and sandalwood; Asagiri carries woody Japanese aromatics like koyamaki, sugi, and hiba.

TYLE TRENDS HAVE A STEALTHY WAY of creeping up on you, and suddenly you may ask yourself, If you are in the fashionable districts of Buenos Aires, Milan, Zurich, Tokyo, and now Manhattan, you might well have found yourself asking, More likely than not, it is the work of perfumer Julian Bedel, the creative force behind the Argentine niche fragrance house Fueguia 1833. Bedel founded the company with his business partner, Amalia Amoedo, in 2010, with a mission to explore the huge diversity of botanicals from his native land and beyond—he has the passion of a naturalist. (The company name is a reference to the Argentine and Chilean archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, plus the date of one of Charles Darwin’s voyages on the .) All the fragrances are unisex and produced in limited batches of as few as 400 bottles. Prices (in the $300 range, depending on size) reflect that rarefied provenance.

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