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Gifts for the person who cooks your dinner

Gifts for your husband, wife, mom, dad, roommate, whatever.
Puppy looking at kitchen counter.

13 kitchen gifts almost as good as this puppy.


Maybe you're the cook in your house and you need to treat yourself to some holiday culinary supplies. Or maybe you can barely boil water, and you're looking for a thoughtful—albeit self-serving—present for the person who keeps you well-fed. From soup to nuts, here are our recommendations for stocking up your favorite kitchen this holiday season. Note: this article was originally published at this time last year. We've updated it to make sure the best products are represented.

a red le creuset dutch oven

Le Creuset


Le Creuset

Let's start at the very beginning: Le Creuset is simply . Enameled cast iron, depending on color.

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